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Turbochargers Explained – Unleashing Your Vehicle’s True Potential
Have you ever wondered how a turbocharger actually generates power? It all comes down to the fact that it takes energy from the exhaust flow and spins a turbine wheel that compresses the intake air to force more air and fuel into the engine. Let our experts install the best turbocharger in your vehicle.

What You Will Need To Add A Turbo
These elements are normally required for your turbocharger installation:

  • A turbo sized appropriately for your car
  • An exhaust manifold that the turbo attaches to
  • An intercooler to cool down the intake air
  • A blow-off valve to keep the intake air pressure from damaging the engine
  • Air intake pipes and hoses to connect everything on the intake side
  • Oil and water lines for lubricating and cooling the turbo
  • Heat shields to protect temperature-sensitive items under the hood
  • All other hardware and fittings needed to complete the installation
  • (Sometimes) Parts to upgrade your fuel system and engine management computer