Budler Breaks the 300km/h Mark!!!!!

 On the weekend of the 21st of September budlers BMW was driven by Marius Oostehuizen to an astounding 309km/h doing the quater mile in just 7.3 seconds Making it the fastest Turbo BMW in the World!!!

Welcome to the home of the fastest BMW in SA.


Budler MotorSport is owned and run by Boetie Budler a race car enthusiast. Opened 20 years ago to feed his racing addiction. With 20 years experience in the industry specialising in repairs and maintenance in BMW Budler Motor sport offers excelent service and customer satisfaction.

Not only is Budler motor sport a big name in repairs and maintenance of BMW's but they also have a big reputation on the race strip.

In 2010 budlers bmw did 9.05 sec at a speed of 253 KM's for its first time out on the 1/4 mile at tarlton race way. It only went better from there.

2011 saw Budlers bmw breaking through the 8 second bracket making it the fastest manual driven turbo car in SA.

2012 Budler changed the gearbox on the bmw to a clutchless box. This resulted in the Budler BMW to be the first turbo car in SA to break into the 7 second bracket.

2013 And budler is still maintaining times within the 7 second bracket and is still the fastest turbo car in SA